'Bloody Angle' consists of identical blocks of wood: nineteen positioned upright and twenty-eight laying flat on the floor. They follow a precise, logical structure that could infinitely repeat itself. Carl Andre, as a member of the Minimalist movement, looked to dispose of composition and the overbearing principle of balancing individual parts. Andre adhered to what he called “axial symmetry” whereby each unit is exactly alike and can be interchanged without interfering with the work as a whole. 'Bloody Angle', however, can only be ordered in one particular manner utilizing the ninety-degree angle of the wall. Its shape draws the viewer to the corner of the room. Andre activates a gallery space frequently ignored by artists. Rather than carving wood Andre simply cut it and left the surface devoid of paint revealing the nature of the material.
c/o Pictoright Amsterdam/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam




Production date



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30 x 30 x 90cm.


Western Red Cedar

Object number

BA 4044