This image shows figures drawn in ink onto the cover of a magazine: Les Temps Modernes. The figures are typical of Alberto Giacometti's post-war style. Obsessively composed, line upon line, they are dense yet convey a sense of fragility. Emphasis around the eyes instills an absent gaze. All the elements combined gives the image a tragic mood. Giacometti often depicted intimate friends and family members, as is the case here. The name "Rüthlinger" is written in the left hand margin, most likely indicating the identity of the figure as Arnold Rüdlinger (1919-1967), an early proponent of Giacometti's art. The nude to the right is the artist's wife and avid model Annette Arm.
c/o Pictoright Amsterdam/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Translated title

Untitled [Studies on a Cover of Les Temps Modernes]



Production date



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31 x 22cm.


ink on printed paper

Object number

A 39514