In 1925, Alberto Giacometti started working from memories and imagination, leaving the model behind. He continued to do so for the next ten years. Head was created during this stretch, where he also drew upon imagery from primitive art and archaeological objects. Giacometti believed that there was great power in simplified form, as can be seen in this sculpture. In this work, the narrow, flattened, rectangular head has only the most elementary details, with tapering crevices indicating a nose and eyes. The result is an almost intangible sculpture, simple and mysterious. Other versions of this lightly veined white marble sculpture are made of bronze, plaster and terra cotta.
c/o Pictoright Amsterdam/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Translated title

Gazing Head



Production date



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41 x 37 x 9cm.


polished marble

Object number

BA 176


schenking mevr. weduwe dr. H. Burg, Londen / gift of Mrs. Dr. H. Burg, London

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