Book — Apr 2, 2021

The exhibition Surinamese School is a celebration of Surinamese painting in all its diversity and depth. Presenting over 100 artworks by 35 artists, Surinamese School explores the key themes and narratives at the heart of Surinamese painting from 1910 to the mid-1980s. Depictions of Surinamese history, spirituality and everyday life, alongside forays into abstraction, and social change, gave shape to artistic developments.


To bolster the research that was part of the preparations of the exhibition Surinamese School. Painting from Paramaribo to Amsterdam the museum has compiled an online reader with contributions from the guest curators, elaborating on a number of important themes in the exhibition. Jessica de Abreu, for example, writes about the photography of the Curiel sisters, Mitchell Esajas about Wim Bos Verschuur, Nola Hatterman and Armand Baag, and Ellen de Vries, in collaboration with Eline de Jong, about the work Louis Richard Drenthe Op het terras van Nola Hatterman. In their introduction, Bart Krieger and Claire van Els discuss the development of the exhibition concept, while Carlien Lammers and Inez Blanca van der Scheer provide an analysis of the process of creating the exhibition, in a working process that was new to the Stedelijk. Chandra van Binnendijk, independent publicist and editor in Suriname, was involved as editor of the exhibition texts. 

The online reader also includes all the exhibition texts and a (selected) bibliography. A limited printed edition is distributed to libraries and archives and copies are available for consultation in the exhibition. If you work at a heritage institution and you believe that a printed copy would be an addition to your collection, please contact us at

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