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Sep 24, 2022

The Bathtub is having it's birthday! On Saturday September 4th the museum will be free for everyone. Join the Bathtub Lecture with Yvette Mutumba and Bas Heijne. You can also experience Higther xtn., a performance by Michele Rizzo in the entrance area. Click here for the full weekend program.

Free of charge
Sep 24, 2022, 10 am until 6 pm
This event is sold out

In September 2022, it will be exactly ten years since the new wing of the Stedelijk was put into use. The design by Benthem Crouwel Architects was quickly dubbed de Badkuip (the Bathtub). We, of course, take on that name with love.

And when it's your birthday, you celebrate. We do this in a long weekend in which we open our doors wide and are open ourselves. Open to the past, but especially to today and tomorrow. We will present exciting performances, our world-renowned collection that is shown in a completely new way, performances, guided tours, lectures, workshops, and much more.   

Welcome to the Stedelijk!

Program Saturday 24 September

Visit the exhibitions:
'Sedje Hémon. Imran Mir. Abdias Nascimento. Abstracting Parables'
'Yesterday Today. Collection until 1950'
'Tomorrow is a Different Day. Collection 1980–now'
'Everyday, Someday and Other Stories. Collection 1950–1980'
2 pm – 2.35 pm
Julidans x Stedelijk Museum: 'Highter xtn.' - Michele Rizzo
Schiphol Entrance, arrive on time to be assured of a spot
4.30 pm – 6 pm
Bathtub lecture: Yvette Mutumba
With concluding drinks, in the Auditorium
In the reading room of the library, located under the museum's store

Program in detail

Bathtub lecture

Time: walk-in from 3 pm, start 3.30 pm followed by drinks until 6 pm
Location: Auditorium
Language: English

Reserve access to lecture*

On Saturday afternoon we will present the first edition of the annual ‘Bathtub Lecture’, referring to the nickname the public has given to the new wing of the museum. The Bathtub Lecture is a platform for thought leaders to reflect on the central questions currently being debated in the international art scene. In this first edition we will be looking at the future of this museum in particular and art institutions more broadly. How does this institution's history, rich as well as problematic, impact its challenges and ambitions for the 21st century? Dr. Yvette Mutumba will offer her perspective on presentday developments in the museum world. 

‘In the summer of 2020, a collective murmur echoed through the European museum scene: Global protests in the wake of the murder of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd amplified what has always been there - a deep systemic ignorance towards any past and present narratives and lived experience that are not considered part of the so called “majority society”. Many European cultural institutions quickly aligned themselves in solidarity with the cause. Now, two years later it is worth thinking around what has happened since then and what could be the key aspects to possibly move forward – at the Stedelijk Museum and beyond.’ 

Writer Bas Heijne will add his own critical perspective on the Stedelijk’s position in a spoken opinion piece.  

Folllowing the lecture, Rein Wolfs, artistic director of the Stedelijk, will enter into a dialogue with Mutumba and the audience. Drinks will be served after the program.  

Yvette Mutumba
Yvette Mutumba

More info on the speakers

Yvette Mutumba is co-founder and editor-in-chief of the art magazines Contemporary And (C&) and Contemporary And América Latina (C&AL). She currently also lectures at the Institute of Art in Context, University of Arts, Berlin. Mutumba was part of the curatorial team of the 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (2018) and visiting professor for Global Discourses at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (2017–2018). From 2012 to 2016 she worked at the Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt, where she co-curated the exhibitions Foreign Exchange (or the stories you wouldn’t tell a stranger) (2014–2015), El Hadji Sy: Paintings, Performance, Politics (2015), and A Labour of Love (2015–2016; Johannesburg Art Gallery, 2017). The latter was nominated for the 2016 Global Fine Arts Award. Yvette Mutumba studied Art HistoYvette Mutumb ry at Freie Universität Berlin and holds a PhD from Birkbeck, University of London.

Bas Heijne is author, translater and essayist. Heijne finished his studies in English language and literature at the University of Amsterdam. He is the author of two novels and two short story collections. In 2020 he published Mens/onmens, in which he researches two big obsessions of our time: truth and identity.  


Time 2 pm – 2.35 pm
Locatie: Schiphol Entrance

Admission: On walk-in. Limited capacity, arrive on time to be assured of a spot

  • Photo during performance Michele Rizzo, HIGHER XTN. 2019
    Michele Rizzo, HIGHER xtn. 2019. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Photo: Maarten Nauw
  • Photo during performance Michele Rizzo, HIGHER XTN. 2019
    Michele Rizzo, HIGHER xtn. 2019. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Photo: Maarten Nauw
  • Photo during performance Michele Rizzo, HIGHER XTN. 2019
    Michele Rizzo, HIGHER xtn. 2019. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Photo: Maarten Nauw
  • Photo during performance Michele Rizzo, HIGHER XTN. 2019
    Michele Rizzo, HIGHER xtn. 2019. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Photo: Maarten Nauw

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Julidans, the international festival for contemporary dance, proudly present Michele Rizzo’s HIGHER xtn. A performance piece acquired by the Stedelijk in 2019 via the Municipal Art Acquisitions. HIGHER xtn. will be presented in the entry hall of the Stedelijk’s new building—endearingly referred to as “the bathtub”—on the occasion of the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Stedelijk’s re-opening.

HIGHER xtn. is an adaptation of Rizzo’s 2015 performance HIGHER, which explores how nightclubs offer dancers a space for self-expression and communal gathering. Rizzo’s work examines how dance can facilitate states of transcendence, and highlights the close connection between dance and spiritual practice. His choreographic works make use of the cathartic and transformative power of techno, integrating repetitive rhythms into movement, in order to investigate how movement practices can temporarily blur the perceived boundaries of the body. HIGHER xtn. celebrates the nightclub as a safe gathering space for marginalized groups, one that fosters public intimacy and affinity while providing diverse peoples an environment in which they can explore their identities.

In HIGHER xtn., dancers continuously negotiate the boundaries between the self and the collective. Performing minimal, repetitive movements, pairs of dancers begin to perform in sync until all performers dance in unison. The repetition of the choreography, while reconfiguring the group as a singular body, offers the possibility to observe how each individual employs a personal way to embody the shared score. The hypnotic electronic soundtrack, composed by Lorenzo Senni, intensifies in tandem with the dancers’ movements.

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam enjoys a longstanding relationship with Rizzo. In 2019 the museum debuted HIGHER xtn. in the context of Freedom of Movement: the 2018 Municipal Art Acquisitions, and acquired this work for the museum’s collection. In 2021 Rizzo contributed the video work Rest (2021), which draws on the choreographic work of the same title (2020), to the Stedelijk’s time-based media commissions program Sketches for the Future. In July 2022, Julidans and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam jointly presented REACHING (2021).

The presentation of Rizzo’s HIGHER xtn. is part of an ongoing collaboration between Julidans and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. In addition to Rizzo’s REACHING, past collaborations include Ligia Lewis’s minor matter (2017), Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’ Us Swerve (2019), and Andreas Hannes’s Tremble (2021).

About the artist & CREDITS 

Michele Rizzo (1984, IT) is an artist based in Amsterdam, where he studied choreography at the SNDO School for New Dance Development and visual arts at the Sandberg Institute. In recent years Rizzo produced a series of works for theatres and exhibition spaces that engage with the aesthetic translation of aspects of club culture and raving.

HIGHER xtn. (2019) has been shown extensively around Europe, among others at Zachęta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw), V-A-C Foundation (Venice), 3HD Festival (Berlin), Spazio Maiocchi (Milan), Enter Art Fair (Copenhagen) and La Casa Encendida (Madrid). Since 2020 Rizzo established his practice as a visual artist with Rest (acquired by the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo) by implementing his choreographic language in the medium of sculpture, while also collaborating with fashion brands such as MARNI, Off-White and Magliano. In 2021 Rizzo produced his performance work Reaching (2021) at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin) in collaboration with Julia Stoschek Collection. He regularly teaches at art institutions such as the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and HEAD University of Art and Design of Geneva.


Concept and choreography by Michele Rizzo
Music by Lorenzo Senni
Performers: Juan Pablo Cámara, Max Göran, Arad Inbar, Michele Rizzo, Antonia Steffens, Charlie Laban Trier, Júlia Vavra, Milena Weber
Supported by Mondriaan Fonds and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Produced by Dansco
Executive producer: Michael Scerbo

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It's finally here again: the Stedelijk Library is having a book sale! After a few years of enforced silence, the oh-so-popular book sale is finally back in the Stedelijk Library during the 10 year Bathtub anniversary celebrations. Come and browse through the selection of duplicate and/or non-collection (art) books, catalogs and magazines. After three years of no sales, the stock is enormous! Beautiful, sometimes brand new publications for very low prices, often under € 10.

The sale takes place in the reading room of the library, located under the museum store. Payment can be made with pin or cash and it is advised to bring your own bag.

For further information:

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