Events — 18 Mar 2016

With performances by Amenti collective, Akwasi, Smib, 020 Crew, and more

Various locations throughout the museum
18 Mar 2016, 5.30 pm until 9 pm
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Just a few tickets available by the door, so be on time.

The Blikopeners, as peer-educators the youngest members of the museum staff, present their first big Friday Night event with performances, talks and workshops by Amenti collective, Akwasi, SMIB and 020 Crew, among others. Each hour, dancers and performers take a different stage in the museum; Brian Elstak works throughout the evening on a collective mural with the audience; and Farida Sedoc (Hossselaer) shares her creative process with the museum visitors by making available limited editions of her t-shirts for adaptations en co-design.

The Blikopeners were inspired by themes from the exhibition Bell Invites (30 January - 19 March 2016, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam) and the coexisting symposium Global Performance, curated by guest-curator Vivian Ziherl and HiphopHuis director Aruna Vermeulen. After conversations with the curators, artists and performers from the exhibition and symposium, the Blikopeners asked themselves the question: ‘How do you represent your world in images, in words or through dance in order to make a statement for your community? A statement that opens your eyes and connects people, but also dares to make a difference?


6 PM      MUSIC | Setlist samengesteld door LYZZA
6.30       DESIGN | t-shirts with designer Farida Sedoc, Hosselaer: limited editions
6.30       MURAL | new, collective work by art director and illustrator Brian Elstak
6.45       Opening words by the Blikopeners and HipHopHuis director Aruna Vermeulen
7.20       PERFORMANCE | 020 CREW
7.30       TALK THE TALK | Interview with Farida Sedoc, Hosselaer
8.00       TALK THE TALK | Interview with rapper Akwasi
8.20       PERFORMANCE | spoken word by Akwasi  
9.00       TALK THE TALK | Interview with Brian Elstak
9.15       PERFORMANCE | Amenti collective
10 PM    closing of the museum




This program was curated by Blikopeners Lateesha Verweij, Damy Raimundo, Floor van Hulsen, Elem Yag, Senna Abraham and Lysa da Silva, who took their inspiration from the exhibition Bell Invites. The hip hop event is a tribute to this exhibition, which will close this weekend (open until Mar 19, 2016 at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam). The exhibition was curated by Vivian Ziherl (guest curator SMBA) and Aruna Vermeulen (HiphopHuis Rotterdam).

The Blikopeners express their heartfelt gratitude for the inspiring conversations with artist Brian Elstak in preparation of this concept, as well as to the curators of the exhibition Vivian Ziherl and Aruna Vermeulen for her critical advice and their