Events — 20 May 2021

In conjunction with the exhibition ULAY WAS HERE, the film The Great Wall of China: Lovers at the Brink (1989) will be screened on Thursday evening May 20.

20 May, 8 pm until 9.05 pm
Watch film (from May 20, 8 PM).

The Great Wall of China: Lovers at the Brink (1989), directed by Murray Grigor, is an adaptation of the final project by Ulay and Marina Abramović: the performance The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk from 1988. This performance symbolically marked the end of their relationship and artistic partnership. 


Ulay’s work positions itself on the intersection of photography and the conceptually focused approaches of performance and body art. Polaroid photos, unique objects, and often exceptionally large images, are fundamental to his oeuvre. This show pivots around four themes that exemplify the contemporary relevance of Ulay’s work: his focus on performance and the performative aspects of photography; his research into gender identity and the body as a medium; his engagement with social and political issues and his relationship with Amsterdam.

Abramovic / Ulay, The Lovers, The Great Wall Walk, 1988, 65'32''. All rights reserved (c) LIMA