Events — Nov 26, 2017

Why the Rabobank needs artists

Museumcard € 3 / Students € 10,50 / Regular € 15.50
Teijin Auditorium
Nov 26, 2017, 2 pm until 4 pm
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An open-hearted afternoon that tells the story of a search for ways that art and artists can play a role in a bank’s development and transition processes. Last year, the Rabobank invited Lucas De Man and nine other artists from the Stichting de Nieuwe Helden [company New Heroes] to spend a year immersed in the organisation, drawing inspiration from a world that, up to then, they knew very little about. The artists dived into the very depths of every level of the banking institution and became, as poet Rutger Kopland once described artistic life: ‘distantly involved’.

They met with staff and clients, listened, looked, spoke, interviewed and registered. Along with scores of dedicated, enthusiastic employees who, acting as guides, led and informed them.

You will see a handful of the artistic projects which arose from the search of the Stichting Nieuwe Helden. They will talk with an expert panel about how art and society can connect in relation to corporate collections. And how this collaboration can create new ways of seeing these same corporate collections, and their role as a knowledge source.


2:45 PM   Doors open
3:00 PM   Solo SAM | Isil Vos (Actress Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
3:10 PM   Introduction | Sacha Bronwasser (Art historian, writer and curator)
3:13 PM   Conversation |  Verily Klaasen (Head of Art Rabobank) and Godelieve Spaas (Creator Search Center Rabobank)
3:35 PM   Talk | Tabo Goudswaard (Artist and social designer)
3:45 PM   Short Break
4:00 PM   Talk | Lucas De Man (Artistic Leader Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
4:20 PM   Panel discussion | Olav Velthuis (Professor Cultural Sociology UvA), Verily Klaasen (Rabobank), Godelieve Spaas (Rabobank), Tabo Goudswaard (Studio Goudswaard) en Lucas De Man (Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
4:40 PM   Questions from the audience   
5:00 PM   End of Program​