Events — 28 Oct 2020

Lectures that are part of Studium Generale Rietveld Academie 2020/2021 can also be attended online via the website of the Stedelijk Museum. Please keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date information and calendar.

Online livestream
28 Oct, 2 pm until 3.30 pm
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“The claim of equality is not only spoken or written, but is made precisely when bodies appear together or, rather, when, through their action, they bring the space of appearance into being.” — Judith Butler

This year's Studium Generale Rietveld Academie is about different experiences and manifestations of the body, and about (dis)embodiments in art and life. We have become hyper-aware of our bodies and those of others: Through Covid-19, the quarantines and guidelines for physical distancing, we are not only dealing with (our) viral bodies, vulnerable bodies, and lonely bodies; in attempts to continue life, we manifest ourselves nonstop behind our screens as virtual bodies and data bodies. This creates new life forms, but also more techniques to be controlled, excluded, and manipulated. For much longer we have been dealing with social and political differentiations that are made between bodies that matter and those that would matter less. All over the world, protest is embodied by people assembling and allying in resistance.

What are experimental and emancipating strategies and practices for fluid embodiments? How can we form resistant collective bodies without losing our own subjectivity and fleshy "matter"? How can we think about this from art practice and theory?

Bishakh Som, Aspara Engine, Cover. Feminist Press, New York, 2020.
Bishakh Som, Aspara Engine, Cover. Feminist Press, New York, 2020.


23 September 2020 – Quinsy Gario, To reparatively remember: On 'we offered Maurice dates, grasshoppers and water'

28 October 2020 – Yael Davids, A Daily Practice: One is Always Plural

18 November 2020 - Naomie Pieter, My response to racism is anger

More dates will be added here soon.

“It is precisely because our bodies are the new enclaves of biopower and because our apartments are the new cells of biovigilance that it is more urgent than ever to invent new strategies of cognitive emancipation and resistance.” — Paul B. Preciado


Studium Generale Rietveld Academie is a transgressing theory program that addresses students and faculty across all departments and disciplines at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, as well as the general public. It wants to understand how art and design are entangled with other domains (from the personal to the political, from the vernacular to the academic), how ‘now’ is linked with past and future, ‘here’ with ‘elsewhere’. Click here for more information: