Gallery talks — 23 May 2018

In the month of May, the Stedelijk Museum organizes three Gallery Talks by curators and artists through the exhibition Studio Drift: Coded Nature.
€3,- (excl. museum entrance ticket)
Meeting point museum entrance hall, tour through the exhibition galleries
23 May 2018, 4 pm until 5 pm
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The Gallery Talks provide room for in-dept conversations with the experts behind the exhibition concept. Co-curator Pao Lien Djie (Research Assistant, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) will give the third and final tour. Based on her knowledge and expertise she will highlight and elaborate on a number of works from the exhibition.


The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents the first museum solo of the successful Dutch duo Studio Drift. In addition to early designs, the exhibition features new, previously unseen works by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, the founders of Studio Drift. The work of Studio Drift occupies a unique postion on the intersection of tech art, performance, and biodesign. Gordijn and Nauta engage with contemporary topics such as sustainability, the significance of natural processes for today’s environment, and issues raised by the use of augmented reality. One striking example is Drifter, a floating concrete monolith measuring four by two by two meters. After its world première at New York’s Armory Show in 2017, this magical installation will be on display in the IMC Gallery at the Stedelijk.


Pao Lien Djie is co-curator of the exhibition Studio Drift: Coded Nature, together with Ingeborg de Roode, curator industrial design at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. She previously held several positions at the Dutch design magazine Items for a long period of time. She is active as an editor, researcher and organizer within the cultural field and is involved in book productions and exhibitions for various clients.

Pao Lien Djie Foto: Carolien Glazenburg