12 Oct 2019 until 23 Feb 2020

Families are welcome at the Rabo Lab. At the Lab, there’s always something to do. Get to know an art movement, the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam or…an artist! The TouchMeTell Rabo Lab is all about the work of visual artist Melanie Bonajo.

Free entrance
12 Oct 2019 until 23 Feb 2020, 10 am until 6 pm
Every day, all day.

TouchMETell is a video installation about touching. 

Hugging is nice, at least if you want to be hugged. Did you know that children who hug each other don’t hit or bully each other as much? Children learn to trust each other. They discover the difference between giving and receiving. Where are your boundaries? Where are mine? And how do I talk about that to someone else, how do I set my boundaries? 

The video shows a group of children talking about touching. And you can see these kids and their world in the Lab: you can touch, be hugged, and be held. TouchMETell is a fun way of saying that hugging is good, and says it’s a good thing to trust your body and celebrate it.

About Melanie Bonajo

Melanie Bonajo is a visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam and New York. In her work she combines photography, video, performances, music and installations. Melanie Bonajo thinks a lot about the relationship between nature, technology and the influence of human beings on the environment. She often works with children because she believes adults can learn a lot from them. And we think so too!

Commissioned by Cinekid

TouchMeTell was commissioned by Cinekid, the media festival for children. The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Cinekid have opted for collaboration because we believe in the power of media art for children. A part of TouchMETell can be seen from 19 to 25 October 2019 at the Westergasfabrieksterrein, during the MediaLab. This part of Cinekid is a place where children actively and creatively immerse themselves in the world of media with workshops, interactive installations and creative media techniques. At the Stedelijk, the installation will be supplemented after 26 October 2019 with the work of the Cinekid Festival, workshops and an additional music video clip.

Rabolab x TouchMETell is produced in collaboration with Cinekid Festival and generously supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Mondriaan Fund.

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