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Gallery talks — 13 Jun 2018

In conjunction with the exhibition The Djaya Brothers: Revolusi in the Stedelijk, the museum organizes a Gallery Talk by writer and researcher Reggie Baay. The Gallery Talk will be introduced by Kerstin Winking, the exhibition’s guest curator.
€3,- (excl. entrance ticket)
Meeting point in the entrance hall, tour through the exhibition galleries
13 Jun 2018, 4 pm until 5 pm
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During the Gallery Talk, Reggie Baay will guide the audience through the exhibition galleries and share his perspective on the selection of paintings, photographs and archive materials on view. The exhibition is the culmination of a research project focused on the work of the Indonesian artist brothers Djaya whose work is in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The Djayas came to Amsterdam between 1947 and 1950, in their own words to wage a ‘psy war’ (psychological war). Reggies Baay’s extensive research into the visual culture of Dutch colonial history, offers the audience, as well as the museum, the opportunity to gain new insights into the objects presented in the exhibition.


Reggie Baay is a writer and researcher. He studied at the University of Leiden where he specialized in colonial and postcolonial literature and history, with a special focus on the former Dutch East Indies / current Indonesia. His work mainly grapples with the hidden aspects of the Dutch colonial past in Indonesia and its impact on today’s generations. His work is unanimously praised in the Dutch and Indonesian press – in particular the book he wrote about the njai, the forgotten Asian concubines (women with a status between maid-servant and lover) of the European colonizers in the former Dutch East Indies (De Njai. Het concubinaat in Nederlands-Indië, 2008), about which he gathered special photographic documentation. His book about the near-forgotten history of slavery during the Dutch colonial administration in the former colony (Daar werd wat gruwelijks verricht, 2015) received praise.

Currently, he is working on a book about the Indonesian decolonization period, which will be published in September 2018. Baay is an experienced public speaker; he frequently lectures on his books and the shared history of the Netherlands and Indonesia.