Events — 26 Jan 2020

The last stop of the exhibition Chagall, Picasso, Mondrian and others: Migrant Artists in Paris is the Salon. Here you can share your personal story.

In the exhibition 'Chagall, Picasso, Mondrian and others: Migrant Artists in Paris'
26 Jan, 2 pm until 4 pm
reservations are not required

As you enter the Salon, you’ll find a single-question form. The questions you’re asked are personal and poetic. The central question in this Salon is: Describe the road you travelled to be here today. You’re welcome to talk about your answers with other visitors, or put down the answer for yourself in words or maybe in a drawing.

In designing the public program that complements the exhibition, the Stedelijk Museum collaborated with rapper and writer Massih Hutak. His work explores stories of hope, love and struggle. Not always upbeat, but always honest and vulnerable. The Salon is Massih’s idea, a place where people can tell their stories.

Every month, the Salon zooms in on a different question. The Stedelijk gathers all these answers and hangs them on the wall as inspiration for the four Salon artists: Gershwin Bonevacia, Massih Hutak, Rachel Rumai and Ikram El Messaoudi. These questions and answers are also featured in the exhibition’s audio tour. At the end of each month, the artists stage an intervention—the Salon session—inspired by the answers people gave.

Describe the road you travelled to be here today

Ikram El Messaouidi is an illustrator from Arnhem. Words inspire her to draw. During her Salon session you are welcome to join a free live painting and illustration walk-in workshop. Ikram will show you how to translate language into image, and you’ll see how she goes about creating an illustration.

This Salon session is free, reservations are not required.

Ikram El Messaouidi
Ikram El Messaouidi