Events — Sep 28, 2018

On 28 September 2018, Stedelijk Museum’s Friday Night is all about books, with the third edition of the STEDELIJK BOOK CLUB: PRESS! PRINT! PUBLISH!
Museumkaart free / Students € 9 / Regular € 17,50
Various places throughout the museum
Sep 28, 2018, 7 pm until 10.30 pm
Main language
Dutch and English


A detailed overview of this year's program, you can download here.


STEDELIJK BOOK CLUB: PRESS! PRINT! PUBLISH! is an annual event, where the Friday Night is fully dedicated to books. Despite the rise of digital media, the book has proven to be a timeless and still relevant medium that remains a popular (collectible) object. The Stedelijk wishes to celebrate this by offering a selection of interesting authors and publishers a platform, also as a means to underline the importance of independent publishers. The program consists of performances, lectures and presentations of new publications in the field of visual arts, photography and design.

Throughout the year, the Stedelijk Museum receives proposals for book presentations and publication-related projects. A selection of these are rolled into one grand book event: an evening that offers a broad overview of recent, remarkable and innovative publications in the field of visual arts, photography and design. In addition to the many presentations this evening, the exhibition Best Designed Books will open. This exhibition displays books ranging from productions by well-known publishers to museum catalogues, anniversary books and hard-to-find privately published books. The selected publications stand out for their design, typography, treatment of images or graphic-technical production, and for the coherence between form and content. With a long history dating back to 1932, the Best Book Designs annual selection by a professional jury is the oldest of its kind in Europe.

Also part of the Stedelijk Book Club is the library where the annual book sale takes place. Here visitors can purchase numerous publications on contemporary art from the Netherlands and abroad (both used and brand new).



Book Sale in the Library

Our annual book sale takes place at the library, where visitors can purchase numerous publications on contemporary art from home and abroad, both used and brand new.
Friday from 6 - 10 pm and Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm.

Radical Cut-Up by Lodown Magazine Release

The upcoming issue of the contemporary arts and culture quarterly, Lodown Magazine, guest-edited and designed by Sandberg Instituut’s Master Programme Radical Cut-Up will be released at STEDELIJK BOOK CLUB. PRINT! PRESS! PUBLISH! 2018, taking place at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

07:30-08:00 pm Presentation of Radical Cut-Up by Lodown Magazine
08:00-08:30 pm Meet the Family: Radical Cut-Up (Presentations)
08:30-09:00 pm DJ Set: Lodown Magazine
09:00-09:30 pm Live Performance: COUSIN
09:30-10:00 pm DJ Set: Fenna Fiction
10:00-10:30 pm DJ Set: Wes Mapes

Jeffrey Babcock, Cinébulletins, 2018.

A private airplane is on standby at Orly airport near Paris. It's been there for weeks now. This is the spring of 1968, and plans have been made to airlift President De Gaulle out of his own country if things get any uglier. Of course, today the media talks about the May '68 uprisings as if they'd just been a short-lived bout of youngster madness in Paris. It's high time we unpacked this tame, little myth and revealed how widespread, deeply committed and interconnected the French protests really were. Sure, things had been brewing up across the world since the early 60s, but it was in France where it all really came to a climax, where an unimaginable experiment was carried out.

In Cinébulletins Jeffrey Babcock discusses the events, ideas, and cinema that emerged from a society set ablaze. This will be an audio-visual event touching on some of the major themes discussed in the book.

Stuart Hyatt, Janneane Blevins and Benjamin Blevins (red.) Metaphonics, Jap Sam Books, 2018.

Colliding black holes, whispering caves, melting glaciers, and exploding volcanoes. These are some of the things you will hear as Field Works launch their new book, Metaphonics. Readings are accompanied by projected video and live music.

For Stuart Hyatt, the world itself is a recording studio where people, places, and things become the instruments. Hyatt has spent the last four years collecting these sounds and arranging them into uniquely site-responsive music. Working collaboratively under the name Field Works, musicians from around the world have contributed over fifty new compositions to this massive collection. In Metaphonics: The Field Works Listener’s Guide, Hyatt contributes a complete track-by-track guide to the seven-album Field Works box set, addressing from many angles the interpretation of place through sound. Renowned naturalist Bernie Krause writes the book’s foreword, establishing a taxonomy of the soundscapes explored in the book’s essays: geophony (earth sounds), biophony (animal sounds), anthropophony (human sounds) and cosmophony (sounds from outer space). Designed by PRINTtEXT, the book features original contributions from Cheryl Tipp, Leah Barclay, Gustavo Valdivia, Enrique Ramirez, Yiorgis Sakellariou, Sarah Laskow, Stuart Fowkes, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Manuja Waldia, and Peter Liversidge.

Noor Issa - You are me, I am you, look! We are the book!

In her first performance Take a piece of me, Issa used her body as a means to communicate with the audience. In her second performance, the relationship with the viewer is reversed: instead of taking, the audience is invited to give, to give her their stories by literally writing or drawing them on her body, and in doing so collaboratively creating the book. In her current work she focuses on themes such as boundaries and borders, home, sharing, and interconnectedness.

Experimental publication and distribution project presents Meaning-seeking Animals by Lisa van Casand. The publication explores the possibility of a publication as a world, it is a personal collection of digested knowledge that keeps on growing as the artist proceeds to make new work. It is a world, or an aura, a field where the artist’s internal experience of knowledge building has been deposited, for a long while privately and now made public. The diverse collection of excerpts and fragments, which combines sources from biology, philosophy, art, and psychology, grows under the thoughtful care of Van Casand.

Upon arrival the publication offers no specific reading direction, no middle, and no end. But like a topographical map it serves as a guide for locating positions, or intersections, in the form of audio-walks provided by artist Marit Mihklepp, theorist Aleid de Jong, and geographer Jacob Knegtel.

The presentation begins with a glimpse of the publication in the form of an audio walk followed by a discussion between the author, Lisa van Casand, and contributing artist, Marit Mihklepp.

Ernst van Alphen, Failed Images, Valiz, 2018.

Failed Images tries to understand photography in its difference from the reality it shows. It attempts to analyse the different ways photographs transform that which exists before the camera. Photography is not only determined by technical features, but also by a conventional approach to it. This approach can be recognized in what is now called a “snapshot”. But the photographic medium also enables very different practices and as a result, very different kinds of photographic images. The book focuses on photographic practices that do not just show the world, but the qualities of the photographic images, namely blurred photography, staged photography, archival photography, and under- and overexposed photography. The presentation at the Stedelijk will focus on the  photographic work of the Dutch artist Roos Teuws and explain in which sense her work consists of failed images. She will be present and will respond to Van Alphen’s assessment of her work as “failed”.

Hans van der Meer, Het moet anders, Paradox, 2018.

The benefit of puzzling imagery 
From his first book QUIRK OF FATE (1987) until his latest one Time to Change, Hans van der Meer has always shown a predilection for capturing enigmatic situations. In The Book Club talk he will show some photographs and videos from this latest project. The back of the book reads:

Through photography, film, and writing Hans van der Meer examines the world around him. His images of amateur football in Dutch Fields (1998) and European Fields (2006) are also an exploration of human nature within the landscape. In The Netherlands -  Off the shelf (2012) he wryly observes  the increasingly homogenous built environment of provincial Dutch towns.

In his latest book Time to Change, Hans van der Meer is looking at and thinking about cows and consequently dairy farming, animal welfare, hi-tech food production, and its impact on the environment. Van der Meer’s pictures are the trigger for a series of observations highlighting the complexity of modern farming.

Stephanie Noach and Beatriz Gago, book exhibition Delta, Printed by Charles Nypels Lab, Jan van Eyck Academie, 2018.

In this presentation, Nanne Timmer (Lecturer Latin American Literature, Leiden University) and Tatiana Acevedo (Lecturer Politics of Sanitation, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education) will elucidate some of the main issues sustaining the book exhibition Delta: its employment of text to exhibit visual art works, and its concern with waterways.

Timmer will focus on the curatorial format of Delta. Specifically, she will analyze how an exhibition that is devoid of any image – in other words, an exhibition that is told rather than shown – relates to a Latin American tradition of visualizing text and textualizing images.  Acevedo, on the other hand, will concentrate on the curatorial theme of Delta: the flows of water. Through her reading of some of the participating artworks, she will explore the centrality of water in the waging of war.

Artists: Bas Jan Ader, Matthew Barney, Milena Bonilla, Elizabet Cerviño, Yornel Martínez, Cildo Meireles, Oscar Muñoz, Marianela Orozco, Adrienne Rich, Ulay, Luisa Ungar, Irving Vera, José Eduardo Yaque
Curators: Noach & Gago

Brian Elstak, TROBI, Das Mag Uitgeverij B.V., 2018.

Tall Tales and TV Tunes: The Road to TROBI. A conversation between Maarten van Hinte and Brian Elstak.

Wouter Davidts, Triple Bound: Essays on Art, Architecture, and Museums, Valiz, 2017.

Every once in a while I am being asked about my favorite museum design, or inversely, what I consider the biggest mistake made in recent museum architecture – questions that always take me by surprise. As I do not like hit lists, I tend to rely on a standard but rather evasive reply. Invariably I respond that I do not have favorite museum buildings, only beloved museum situations.

This reply is informed by two personal persuasions, firstly, that the caliber of a building only emerges in the way it is used, and secondly, that a museum building does not need to be exquisite to deliver a unique encounter with an artwork. Everything depends on the delicacy with which an artwork has been installed within a museum gallery, taking into account both the peculiarities of the artwork and the architecture.

Unveiling some of these – to borrow a phrase from the Belgian architect Paul Robbrecht – ‘unforgettable places,’ my talk aims to reveal that the antagonism between art and architecture in the nexus of the museum does not need to be resolved, rather to be actualized, time and again.
– Wouter Davidts

Gerard Unger, Theory of Type Design, nai10 publishers, 2018.

Book presentation by Hansje van Halen, designer of the book Theory of Type Design, written by Gerard Unger. The presentations will be followed by a short conversation between Hanse van Halem and Eelco van Welie, director of NAI 010 Publishers.

Marijn Bax, MAR, Fw: Books, 2018.

MAR is the result of a ten-year project. Marijn Bax meets the woman who brought her into the world (now) in her house.
The book does not tell, but rather it shows in shreds and repetitions of image and text. It makes the reader look at and feel. Details. Fragments on folded sheets – the book falls apart. We will fit it together again. Every order is good. Who decides how it has to be? Bax questions and plays with the truth of stories and the influence of time and perception on them. 

Offprint Library Amsterdam

Offprint Library is an itinerant library that questions the context in which it is growing, through the selection of critical publications. All year-round, Offprint gathers and presents a group of publishers and lesser-known publications, circulating mostly outside the traditional commercial networks. Curated by Yannick Bouillis, Offprint Library will present several book tables that explore themes related to the current exhibition Amsterdam, the Magic Center.

Participants: O Wonder library, San Serriffe, Coyotte books, Pages Not Found,Boycott Books, ArtKitchen.

Radio Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee

Radio Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee has invited artists, writers, theorists, curators, programmers and book lovers to read from their work, or share work that inspires them. Speakers are, amongst others Yannick Bouillis, Kris Dittel, Anthony Smyrski, Emma Levie, Jo Kali & Georgie Sinclair, Stepanie Noach, Elisabeth Klement and Aleid de Jong.


A detailed overview of this year's program, you can download here.

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