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Events — 18 Mar 2021

Celebrate Surinamese art with the Stedelijk and The Black Archives!

Online uitzending
18 Mar, 8 pm until 9 pm
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Link to the show on YouTube.  The talkshow will stay available afterwards on our YouTube-channel

In Surinamese School: The Talkshow we will enter into dialogue about Surinamese painting with artists and art historians, there will be previews of the new theater productions De Gliphoeve and Het Waarom Beantwoord, and a spoken word artist will present an ode to the Surinamese School exhibition. 

Discover the stories behind the work of artists who have been active both in Suriname and in the Netherlands, and who continue to inspire new generations. What do we mean by the term “Surinamese School”, which themes are characteristic of Surinamese painting? How did Surinamese artists experience the continuation of their art education in the Netherlands? These and other questions will be raised in a dynamic program of spoken word, music, performance and panel discussions.

This program was developed in close cooperation with The Black Archives

Armand Baag, 'Familieportet Baag', 1989, olieverf op doek. Collectie Joyce, Sura en Surina Baag, Amsterdam.
Armand Baag, 'Familieportet Baag', 1989, olieverf op doek. Collectie Joyce, Sura en Surina Baag, Amsterdam.



Naomi Veldwijk is a writer, poetry performer and vocal artist. On the occasion of this event she wrote a personal ode to the beauty of Suriname, inspired by the Surinamese School exhibition.


Guests: Marie-Claire Fakkel, Bart Krieger and Gauri Malhoe

Marie-Claire Fakkel
Art historian Marie-Claire Fakkel graduated at the University of Amsterdam in 1990 on the subject of “representation and ‘the other’”, focusing on illustrations for the well-known travelogue by Stedman that emphasize slavery. At the Gate Foundation she was responsible for the initiation of a specialized library and a knowledge archive on non-European art and bidirectional interactions, among other tasks. She has worked in post-secondary education and has been a contributor to art education at the CBK Zuidoost art center since 2013.

Bart Krieger
Bart Krieger is a publicist, independent researcher of art history, founder of “BAM! De Kunst Toko” and guest curator of the Surinamese School exhibition. After finishing his studies on art and architectural history at VU University Amsterdam, he started reviewing and writing on art exhibitions, dance and theater. For four years he wrote a monthly column on “Surinamese art treasures” in news magazine Parbode. In 2015 these columns were collected in the publication 50 Surinaamse Kunstschatten. Krieger has put together exhibitions for CBK Zuidoost and the Readytex Art Gallery in Paramaribo. One of his essays was recently published in the monograph Nola Hatterman. ‘Geen kunst zonder kunnen’ (2021), edited by Ellen de Vries.

Gauri Malhoe
Gauri Malhoe completed a BA in art history at the University of Amsterdam in 2020 with a thesis on “Nola Hatterman and the development of Surinamese art history”. During her studies, Malhoe began investigating the history of visual arts in Suriname – possibly to be continued in her MA education.


Theater maker Mathieu Wijdeven produced a theater piece on one of the artists in the Surinamese School exhibition: his Surinamese great-great-grandfather George Gerardus Theodorus Rustwijk (1862-1914). Alongside one of Rustwijk’s works, Wijdeven will perform a fragment from his show Het Waarom Beantwoord (“An Answer to the Why”), which will go on tour in the fall of 2021. The show was made at the Theater Rotterdam production house.


Guests: Robert Bosari, Rihana Jamaludin and Felix de Rooy

Robert Bosari
Robert Bosari (Paramaribo, Suriname, 1950) is a painter, sculptor and art professor. He was educated at NIKK (National Institute for Art and Culture) in Paramaribo, where he studied under Jules Chin A Foeng. In the early 1970s he continued his studies at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He spent the years 1984-1989 in his country of birth, where he worked as coordinator of Visual Arts at the Ministry of Education, Arts and Sciences and taught at AHKCO (Academy for Higher Arts and Culture Education) in Paramaribo. Since his return to the Netherlands he has worked at Vrije Academie in Nunspeet, CKV ’t Klooster in Harderwijk, CKV De Meerpaal in Dronten, De Kunstlinie in Almere, Galery Fjordje and Galery Bos-Art in Lelystad, a.o.

Felix de Rooy
Felix de Rooy (Willemstad, Curaçao, 1952) is an artist, theater and film director, curator and collector. He grew up on Curaçao, in Suriname and in Mexico. De Rooy was educated at Vrije Academie – Psychopolis in The Hague and obtained a Master of Arts degree in film directing at New York University in 1982. He was founder of the theater and film production group Illushon Kosmiko (later: Cosmic) and produced theater and dance productions from an Afro-Caribbean perspective. De Rooy was curator of various exhibitions, such as the traveling show Wit over Zwart (“White on Black” a.o. at Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, 1989) on racist representations of black persons in western culture, and De erfenis van de slavernij (“The heritage of slavery”, Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, 2003). De Rooy is a versatile creator whose corpus of works spans multiple artistic disciplines.

Rihana Jamaludin
Rihana Jamaludin (Paramaribo, Suriname, 1959) is an artist and writer. She studied drawing at IOL (Institute for the Education of Teachers) in Paramaribo. In 1983 she moved to the Netherlands, where she studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for some time. In this period she mainly experimented with graphic techniques, such as linocuts, which she often developed in thematic series. In 1990 she transferred to adult education and became active as a teacher of Intercultural Communication. Since 2008 she is best known as an author. Her fifth book Geheimen van het Tuinhuis (“Secrets of the Garden shed”), a historical novel for youth, will appear through Blossom Books this summer.


Musical theater company Orkator, in cooperation with the Bijlmer Parktheater, developed the show De Gliphoeve, which will have its première this spring. The show is the second part of a trilogy about the arrival of Surinamese people in the Netherlands. This instalment is set in the year 1975, shortly after the independence of Suriname, and depicts a family that ends up in a high-rise apartment block called De Gliphoeve in the Bijlmer area of Amsterdam. Especially for Surinamese School: The Talkshow, the cast of De Gliphoeve will present a musical scene in the archive of The Black Archives in Amsterdam. This scene will feature Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld, Dionne Verwey, Daniël Kolf, Gery Mendes, Sophie Anglionin, Sanne Landvreugd and Walther Muhringen.

Journalist, presenter and media producer Shay Kreuger will host Surinamese School: The Talkshow. In addition to her weekly radio show on NPO Radio 2, she is a program maker at Het Nieuwe Instituut and a documentary maker for VPRO Dorst, a.o.