The Stedelijk Museum Fonds seeks to establish fruitful partnerships with a dedicated group of private benefactors wishing to provide the museum with substantial, long-term support so the Stedelijk can invest in its future. You are warmly invited to join the foundation in providing the Stedelijk with the resources to develop its ambitions and make the Stedelijk Museum an international “must see.”


The aim of the Stedelijk Museum Fonds is to expand, conserve and present its collection, engage in research, deliver educational programs, and stage exhibitions.

The Stedelijk Museum has an independent support fund, the Stedelijk Museum Fonds, with which we seek to establish fruitful partnerships with private benefactors wishing to provide the museum with substantial, long-term support. The Stedelijk Museum Fonds has an independent and unsalaried Executive Board that decides over the allocation of the funds entrusted to it, for which the Board of Directors of the museum is required to file a request.

Acquired with the generous support of benefators of the Curator Circle and International Collectors Circle, de Vriendenloterij and het Mondriaan Fonds. Photo: Peter Tijhuis.


Named Fund

You can create a Named Fund with a minimum gift of € 100.000. As founder, you also choose the name and purpose of the fund. We look forward to discussing how you can support the museum, in a way that honours your vision and your legacy.

Estate Planning

You can help the museum realise its strategic vision after your lifetime through a bequest or legacy. You can also include arrangements in your will for the creation of a Named Fund. If you intend to include such a clause as part of your estate, you are welcome to share your plans with us at any time.

Donating Art

You may be considering donating a work of art to the museum to enrich the collection of the Stedelijk. In some cases, a portion of inheritance tax can be paid through the donation of artwork to a charitable institution. We look forward to discussing options with you.

Periodic gifts

Curator Circle and International Collector Circle

If you decide to support the museum for a minimum of five years, you are invited to join the Curator Circle or the International Collector Circle. Multi-annual support offers the museum certainty for a longer term.

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    Kyra Wessels
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    Simone de Vries
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    Rosa Smits
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Donation acceptance policy

Read more about the terms of acceptance of a donation and the acceptance process here.

Board of the Stedelijk Museum Fonds

The board of the Stedelijk Museum Fonds exists of:

  • Peter Mensing (voorzitter)
  • Karin Doeksen
  • Janneke Dreesmann
  • Mark de Lange
  • Pim Polak


Rob Defares
Hartwig Foundation
Don Quixote Foundation
Familie Ribbink-van Den Hoek

All Art Initiatives
Paul Andriesse
Van Berckel-Boehmer Fonds
Jan Maarten en Pauline Boll-Kruseman
Brook Foundation
Cees en Inge de Bruin-Heijn
Charlotte en Joop van Caldenborgh
Volkert en Karin Doeksen-Kleykamp
Bob en Renee Drake
Marc en Janneke Dreesmann-Beerkens
Gilo Family Foundation
Irene en Rijkman Groenink
Ferdinand J. Ter Heide
Stichting Leo en Elsbeth Hertz Foundation
Familie de Heus
Freddy Insinger
Joost en Marcelle Kuiper
Hans Lensvelt
Helen van der Meij-Tcheng
Marjo Meijer en Marion Verbruggen

Peter Mensing en Sandra Tromp Meesters
Jan Moulijn en Titia Van Lier
Alex Mulder
Arco van Nieuwland en Karin van Leeuwen
Lauren en Richard Nijkerk
Annelies van Der Pauw
Pim en Antoinette Polak
Rob Jan Renders
Alexander Roepers
Jeannette en Martijn Sanders
Pieter (i.m.) en Marieke Sanders
Sigrid Sijthoff en Maarten Doorman
Tijl Aankoop Fonds
Triton Collection Foundation

Arnold Croiset van Uchelen
Henriette Daniels
Jorg en Hannah Grimm
Derk en Anne-Jule Haank
Thijn, Veerle en Wieger Lamers
Ron Mandos
SAHA Association
Willem Sijthoff en Machteld Vos
Piet Van Der Slikke en Sandra Swelheim
Marc Staal en Therese Van Schie
De Heer en Mevrouw Tuzgöl – Willigers
Rein Wolfs en Alexandra Blättler

Anonymous benefactors