Every year since 2008, the Stedelijk has hired 15 new Blikopeners. Blikopeners are open-minded Amsterdam youth who spend a year working with art and design at the museum to open the eyes of the public and staff.


The Blikopeners are young Amsterdam residents who aim to awaken their friends and other peers’ enthusiasm for art and culture. They look at art from a fresh perspective and share their ideas about current affairs, programs and exhibitions. The Blikopeners also organize tours, workshops & events in the museum.

Blikopeners literally have an open "eye" and an open mind to art, design and the museum. They open 'looks' of others by sharing their personal experience and knowledge. Blikopeners create an exchange about art between young people and museums. Blikopeners do this in the museum, by giving guided tours and speed tours, but Blikopeners are also active outside the museum, for example at events and schools. Thanks to Blikopeners, young people gain more confidence in interpreting art and forming their own opinions about it.

Alumni Blikopeners have their own projects, such as organizing Museum Night or guiding visitors.

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photo of blikopeners on the stairs
The Blikopeners of 2023
Meet the Blikopeners 2019 - 2020


Curious about the Blikopeners?
Meet the Blikopeners from 2008 till now

photo of blikopeners
Blikopeners. Photo: Tomek Dersu Aaron
photo of blikopener speed tour
Blikopener speed tour. Photo: LNDW Studio

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