The Blikopeners are young people (peer educators 15–19 years old) with a fresh perspective on art. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, study a range of different courses and come from all over the Greater Amsterdam region. Blikopeners give guided tours, advice and their opinion on all areas that concern the museum. They also organize activities for their friends. In short, they have the best job you can imagine.

Open eyes

The Blikopeners have open eyes and minds for art, design and the museum. Using their own personal experience and knowledge, they help to open other people’s eyes to the world of art. They engage young people in dialogue about art and museums, giving them more confidence to interpret art and form their own opinions about it. The Blikopeners have been active at the Stedelijk Museum since 2008. Every year a new group takes over. 

Eye-opening work

The Blikopeners give tours, provide the museum with advice, give critical opinions and organize activities for people their age. In addition to planning events and organizing their program, they also work as peer educators as part of Stedelijk in the Classroom. Together with museum educators, they give lessons to students in both academic and professional areas about the video art collection. Blikopeners are also organizing workshops and events outside the museum’s walls with a variety of partners. For further information, see the Blikopeners’ Facebook page.

What the art?!

Blikopeners on TV! Under the professional guidance of the Avro, the Blikopeners make their very own TV series What The Art?!. They edit, direct and present the program and, with their infectious enthusiasm, spotlight contemporary art. In each edition, Blikopeners visit a well-known artist or designer in his or her studio. Suitable visual arts teaching materials are developed for each edition, in which the featured artist gives students an assignment. What The Art?! is available online, as well as the teaching materials. 

Blikopener fans

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