The Stedelijk Museum aims to be an accessible, (socially) safe and inspiring space for everyone. Read more about our policy regarding diversity and inclusion and about the programs we offer to make the museum more accessible.  

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. We have drafted a policy paper outlining our vision and strategy for creating an inclusive, diverse and safe organization. 

Policy paper: Inclusivity and Accessibility

The Stedelijk Museum’s annual report reflects on our progress towards meeting the inclusion and accessibility targets. In 2022, we introduced an appendix (Dutch only) that presents data that tracks our results. The purpose of this is to be open with our stakeholders about the progress we’re making and the work that still needs to be done. We hope that this transparency will contribute to knowledge sharing throughout the cultural sector.

We welcome the opportunity to hear our visitors’ and other stakeholders’ feedback on these topics. If you have any questions or comments about our inclusion and diversity policy, please email us at  


The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam endorses the Diversity & Inclusion Code. This is a code of conduct for and by the Dutch cultural and creative sector.  

Diversity & Inclusion code


The Stedelijk organizes programs designed to make the museum more accessible to visitors with a neurological or physical impairment. You can find more information here. 

More about accessibility


We have drawn up a code of conduct that applies to both our staff and visitors. If you have encountered a form of discrimination or socially unsafe behavior at the Stedelijk, please get in touch with one of our confidential advisors or talk to one of our museum staff members. 

Code of conduct