The collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam contains over 90,000 artworks and objects ranging from works on paper, posters, paintings and sculptures to applied art, design, furniture, room-size installations and video art.

The Stedelijk Museum gladly lends works of art and objects from its collection for public exhibitions hosted by Dutch and foreign museums and visual art institutions. The guidelines for loan requests and the conditions subject to which a loan is given, are set out in detail below.


Before a request is dealt with, the borrower must submit a written request addressed to the director, which is preferably sent by email to If the request is sent by post, it must be addressed to the Registrar Bureau.

A request must contain the following information:

  • The title of the exhibition
  • The start and end dates of the exhibition, including all venues (if applicable)
  • The location of the exhibition, including all venues (if applicable)
  • The works requested: title, artist and inventory number (if known)
  • A description of the premise or purpose of the exhibition
  • The address and contact details of the borrower and organizer
  • If this is a first request to the Stedelijk Museum: a facility report for all locations/venues
  • Possible declaration of immunity from seizure


The application will take 6 months to process. Any requests submitted less than 6 months before the opening date of the exhibition will be processed, but the short timescale may lead to the loan being refused. The Stedelijk Museum requires a maximum of 2 months to assess a loan application.


Each calendar year, around 250 objects are granted, on temporary loan, to sister museums and fine art institutions. Although the Stedelijk Museum places great importance on lending objects from its collection to third parties, it is not able to grant every loan application. In some instances, due to the considerable number of applications and the Stedelijk Museum’s available capacity,  some applications will be refused on the basis of assessing and prioritizing the applications received.

For the commencement of peak times in the exhibition season (spring and autumn), the museum’s capacity for granting loan applications may already have been reached 6 months before.

If the museum has the capacity to grant the loan, each application will be reviewed to ensure the following: the cohesion and intellectual validity of the exhibition, and assurances that the condition of the object will not be at risk. Certain objects may be unsuitable to travel due to their physical condition or because the circumstances or duration of the exhibition are inappropriate for the requested works. Practical considerations are also taken into account, such as the availability of the work, which may be on display in the museum, or already reserved for another exhibition.


Conditions and costs apply to works provided on loan. The chief conditions are set out below: 

  • All expenses related to the loan, including but not restricted to the costs of transportation, couriers, insurance, packing and packaging materials, conservation and restoration work that may be required, condition checks, framing, photography and reproduction materials, are paid by the borrower.
  • The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam always specifies the way in which the work is to be packed.
  • The transportation and stay of the object will in principle by insured by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and the expenses incurred charged to the borrower.
  • The borrower must discuss the choice of fine art mover beforehand, notifying the Registrar Bureau of the Stedelijk Museum. The Stedelijk Museum has the right to specify a fine art mover.
  • Any particular requirements relating to the preventive conservation of the object will be specified when the loan is confirmed.
  • A declaration of immunity from seizure and suit is required for all loans travelling abroad.
  • The Stedelijk Museum uses its own loan agreements which set out all the agreed conditions.

If the borrower cancels an approved loan within a month of the transport date, the borrowing institution pays a cancellation fee of € 150 or more, depending on the expenses incurred.


In certain cases, the museum will charge a loan fee for objects loaned to non-museum institutions. The fee is determined on the basis of a percentage of the insurance value.


You may be able to find objects in the Stedelijk Museum collection by consulting our online database, which contains around 30 percent of the works in our holdings. Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to provide online access to our entire collection, although those wishing to do so may visit our library to conduct further research. If you are seeking advice regarding the choice of works, please contact the curator of the department in question. 


If you would like general information about the loan procedure, please contact the Registrar at: 


For details about photographic materials and reproductions, please get in touch with our photo library at: