The Stedelijk Museum organizes online and offline inspiration sessions especially for companies. With the Stedelijk collection as a starting point, the museum encourages you and your team to step out of your daily routine and look at themes such as innovation, collaboration or change from a different perspective. It's nice to get to know your own colleagues in this way.

Stedelijk inspiration session

With the Stedelijk Inspiration Session, we want to encourage you and your team to step out of your daily routine, in order to look at relevant issues within your company from a different perspective. During the session, you will focus on one of the following four themes: collaboration, change, innovation or focus. You can choose the theme you will focus on yourself, whichever is the most relevant to your company. We will guide you through our Stedelijk collection during which you will be challenged by an artist or artwork to look at certain things differently. During this, everything is right, and nothing is wrong.  Everyone looks at art from their own personal perspective. This offers more valuable insights! During the second part of the session, we will share the experiences gained and convert them into a final presentation. To conclude, you and your team will have lunch at the museum restaurant TEN Good Food Cafe, where you can continue to talk about the experiences you gained.

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Online energizer

This inspiration session does not take place in the museum, but online. The online inspiration session lasts 45 minutes and a maximum of 8 people per group can participate. The session is interactive and the language of instruction is Dutch or English.

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Both sessions can be booked until the 1st day of the previous month. For example: a session in July can be booked until 1 June.