Welcome! The museum is open and safe to visit. Please keep in mind a timeslot, coronavirus entry pass and face mask are mandatory.

The fourth floor of ‘The Bathtub’, the Stedelijk’s modern wing, is the location of the museum’s offices – with The Founders Room acting as boardroom. A glass ceiling enhances the spaciousness with natural light.

Usually used for our management meetings, the room can also be reserved for private meetings, brainstorm sessions and private dinners. The Founders Room features all modern presentation capabilities, Wi-Fi, an option on complete privacy, and an adjoining roof terrace for phone calls or fresh air.

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Call 020 5732 732 or send an e-mail to evenementen@stedelijk.nl.

  • Roos Ruiter
    Events Coördinator
  • Ivana Tumbarello
    Events Employee
  • Bente van der Burgh
    Events Employee
  • Jasmijn Alkaf
    Events Employee