News — 2 Nov 2017

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is the second museum in the world to be awarded the internationally recognised sustainability certificate BREEAM-NL In-Use. This morning, Ben Mulders (Head of Building Management) and Christian Taal (Manager, Facilities & Safety) of the Stedelijk Museum were presented with the framed certificate by assessor Marleen Lubberding of W4Y (We 4 You). The museum launched the project Stedelijk Green in 2015, in its drive to become a more environmentally-aware organisation. The project looked at ways of saving energy and sparked an internal awareness campaign that won the museum the sustainability certificate BREEAM-NL In-Use with the status “very good”. 

Presentation of the Breeam-NL In-Use certificate. Photo: Tomek Dersu Aaron Whitfield

The BREEAM-NL In-Use assessment method rates the performance of existing (museum) buildings against sustainability benchmarks. It assesses three components: the building, its management, and use. A variety of sustainability categories are monitored: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use, and ecology and pollution.

Sustainable measures

The Stedelijk has taken a variety of measures aimed at more sustainable operational practices. During the building’s renovation, an underground heat and cold storage system was installed to store sustainably sourced energy for later use. A self-regulating CO2 climate control system that adapts its air refreshment rate to the number of visitors, will be fitted in the near future. These measures deliver significant energy savings. The museum is also encouraging staff to be more environmentally conscious, with awareness stickers, a sustainability challenge, and individual waste containers to separate waste and recyclable materials.

In addition to the usual approaches, such as installing solar panels and LED lighting in the galleries, we’re also looking into the possibility of using sustainable and recyclable exhibition materials, cutting back on (and recycling) folders, offering sustainable and locally-sourced dishes on our restaurant menus, and cutting back on water consumption in our toilet facilities.

— Christian Taal (Manager, Facilities & Safety)

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