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The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents in collaboration with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie the program Technodiversity – Beyond Datafication and Digital Colonialism. This large-scale, multi-day event consists of conferences, an exhibition by Rietveld students and a festive Friday Night. There will be lectures, presentations, screenings and performances by international artists, theorists and Rietveld students. 

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
March 20 – 24, 2024
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The annual collaboration between the Stedelijk Museum and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie consists of two parts: a conference (20 and 21 March) and an exhibition with performance program (20 until 24 March). Studium Generale presents a two-day conference in which two curators each fill a day with diverse artistic perspectives on the theme Technodiversity – Beyond Datafication and Digital Colonialism. Following this theme, students create new work for the exhibition Rietveld Uncut. This presentation culminates in a festive Friday Night with performances, talks and music on 22 March.


This year's central theme is technodiversity. How can we resist data colonialism and produce alternative technologies? This concept can provide insights that cannot be reduced to capitalist extraction. Technodiversity recognizes that technologies are temporally and spatially produced by different knowledge systems, ideologies, political interests, economic forces and cultural practices. This liberating perspective can create space for collectives, peoples and identities to produce and control their own data – no data, small data, indigenous data, more-than-human data, feminist data, queer data – and not be governed by Big Data and oppressive algorithms. 

To safeguard subjectivity and the unmediated self, this edition makes us rethink our relationships with data, defying the extractive logic of contemporary data regimes. From the intersections of bodies, identities, digital technologies, artistic practices and activism, we can envision a data agency that is embodied and potentially subversive. 



20, 21, 22, 23, 24 March 2024
In response to Studium Generale's theme Technodiversity – Beyond Datafication and Digital Colonialism, Rietveld students have developed new work for Rietveld Uncut. These projects are the outcome of a process of thinking and creating as well as a workshop by Mariana Fernández Mora. Rietveld Uncut will be activated with a special program of performances and interventions on Friday Night 22 March.

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20, 21 MARCH 2024
Studium Generale is an annual trans-disciplinary theoretical program for Rietveld students, staff and broader audiences. Studium Generale aims to show how art and design are linked with other domains, this year in relation to the theoretical framework of Technodiversity – Beyond Datafication and Digital Colonialism.

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22 March 2024
A special program of performances, screenings, interventions and a performative lecture by Taka Taka will complement and activate the Rietveld Uncut exhibition on Friday Night 22 March.

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