Theory — Mar 30, 2024

Wilhelm Sasnal talks to curator Adam Szymczyk about the exhibition on view at the Stedelijk Museum from March 30.

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Teijin Auditorium
Mar 30, 2 pm until 3.30 pm
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Wilhelm Sasnal (1972, Tarnów, Poland) is a painter and video artist. In this exhibition, both art forms come together. Sasnal made a film adaptation of the novel The Assistant (1908) by Swiss writer Robert Walser, in which the assistant to engineer-inventor Carl Tobler becomes entangled in his bizarre world. For the adaptation, Sasnal painted a number of interpretations of iconic modern classics and lesser-known paintings, which can be seen in the exhibition.

During this afternoon session, Adam Szymczyk (curator-at-large at the Stedelijk) will be in conversation with Wilhelm Sasnal. They developed the exhibition in close collaboration, and continue their conversation about Sasnal’s work, his thoughts on the concept of the authenticity of artworks, and the many diverse roles of painting.

still of Wilhem Sasnal 'The Assistant'
Wilhelm Sasnal, 'The Assistant', 2023. Film still Roman Gancarczyk. © Wilhelm Sasnal

Artist Talk: Wilhelm Sasnal

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