Exhibition — 26 Nov 2022 until 10 Apr 2023

This interdisciplinary group exhibition - part of the Municipal Art Acquisitions - shows the power of objects and sculptures in a range of visual languages and focuses on the material and intangible world of design and art. The works show aspects that can be both visible and invisible, such as specifically chosen materials and techniques, as well as features that escape direct observation.

When Things Are Beings moves between the elusive pull of abstract concepts and forms of spirituality that can be hidden in objects and sculptures. As a result, the exhibition deals with forces that not everyone can see, but most people certainly feel. The title of the exhibition refers to what anthropologist Arjun Appadurai calls the relationship between human actions and things. The selected projects make connections between ideas and objects, spirituality and materiality, linking social issues to tangible things and range from installations to photography and print, jewelry, design, video, film, soundscape and performance.

animation, flowers, art
Sondi, detail from Home 404, courtesy of the artist

The following designers and artists have been selected:

Ayo / James Beckett / Yinka Buutfeld / Jae Pil Eun / Eric Giraudet de Boudemange / Laurids Gallée / Antonio Jose Guzman in collaboration with Iva Jankovic / Seán Hannan / Saskia Noor van Imhoff / Iris Kensmil / Sebastian Koudijzer / Marcos Kueh / Aram Lee / Shani Leseman / Sabine Marcelis / Chequita Nahar / Ana Navas / James Noya / Wendy Owusu / Ginevra Petrozzi / Magali Reus / Sondi / Amy Suo Wu & Elaine W. Ho / Wei Yang